Diane Douglas
2021 - 2022

I am honoured to be the current President of Sale Nomads.

As a member since 1981, I have had 40 years of friendship and laughs with this amazing society. I started as a dancer, but in true Nomad style and tradition, I have had the opportunity to do so many other things with the Club. From managing the accounts as Treasurer for 7 years to playing various parts in our award winning pantos.
Nomads is all about family and friendship, both of which I have found with the club. I met my husband Ross here and my daughter Megan is very much involved.
The last few years have impacted the Nomads greatly, not just 18+ months of Covid meaning we could not open our doors, do shows or gather together socially, but also in the fact, that we have lost so many of our beloved members to illness.
Cancer has touched so many of us over the years including my own family and for this reason I have chosen to support Maggies Centre in Manchester as the President’s Charity.
Maggie’s is a charity providing free cancer support and information in centres across the UK and online. They have Support Specialists, Psychologists and Benefits Advisors and it is a place where Cancer patients can share experiences with others in a similar situation. Both my sister in law Laura and I were privileged to visit the centre recently and were amazed at what a lovely calming environment it is with homely touches, a big kitchen table for chatting and beautiful gardens.
My aim is to raise as much as possible as £38 means an individual, couple or family can have a one-hour support session with a Psychologist, helping them address a complex range of issues. £150 pays for one day of money advice to support people to claim the grants and benefits they are entitled to. £282 provides cancer support sessions for up to 20 people to help them understand their diagnosis, treatment and life with cancer and £2,500 funds the centre for one whole day! It would be amazing if I could get close to funding the centre for 1 or 2 days.
I am hoping that a year of fund raising by Sales Nomads will be able to provide so much more for Maggie’s and I want to thank everyone for their efforts and donations in the year to come.

Every day, almost one thousand people are diagnosed with cancer in the UK. For many of these people, a cancer diagnosis will mean exhausting treatment, tough questions, and difficult emotions.

Maggie’s provides free emotional and practical support in an uplifting welcoming setting for people with cancer and their families. Whether it’s money worries, managing side-effects or help with stress and anxiety, our support has been shown to improve physical and emotional wellbeing and help people take control when cancer turns life upside down.

Set in an award-winning building in a peaceful garden in the grounds of The Christie Hospital, Maggie’s Manchester expects to receive over 15,000 visits in 2021.