President 2023-2024

President, Diane Machin

the delectable

Diane Machin

I joined Sale Nomads more than 30 years ago when I was still young enough to remember my own name.

My first show was an Old Time Music Hall show by Val and Billy Jellyman. I then went on to play numerous parts in plays and shows, they even allowed me to sing and dance. (what were they thinking). I have directed, prompted , done hair and makeup, props, wallpapered sets, even painted a dry stone wall (Tony Bancroft we will say no more about that). I even ran a Nomad Youth section and our dear old Neil McDonald Jenny Hollinshead and Dave Moreton were amongst that group.

Over the years I have seen many changes some good, some great and some not so good. I have seen people come and go and come back again. I miss the old days when the bar was open for social evenings 4 nights a week where you could just drop in and always be met with a friendly smile beer on tap and 3 types of vermouth on optic ( I think they can still be seen in old photos) never did find out who actually drank that stuff, not forgetting ‘ye old mucky corner’ I’ll leave you all to guess who made up that corner. They were great days, sadly so many of those old faces have left empty spaces where they once stood.

What I love most about the Nomads apart from the facilities we have the diversity of performance we offer our public is the friendships we make, the fun and laughter and sometimes tears. We are and hope we will continue to be that great big Nomad family because that is the beating heart of this club. Long May it continue.
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