The group was put together to celebrate Nomads turning 70. It was set up for the kids to make their decisions about shows, plays, workshops and all aspects of the shows. It is their group and the A Team are there just to make it happen.

Kay Valentine came up with the idea to perform the 12days of Christmas for the annual Nomads Cabaret, She started with 8 children and Adam Garnett joined her for the first full production of Jungle Book and before long Mini’s was born and has since gone from strength to strength, performing a full musical every year since. The Minis now enjoys 30 children who get together every week to learn all kinds of theatre skills including singing, dancing, acting, stage craft as well as learning all the ‘behind the scenes’ jobs which is takes to put a show together. As Minis grew, Sandie Cowle and Ian Moore came on board to assist in the admin side of things and the A’Team was formed. All 4 members get involved in all aspects of the Minis sessions including stage management, set design, props and pretty much everything else that needs to happen to ensure the kids enjoyment and safety.

We love our Sundays, we love our Mini’s.

Honk! jr re-opened Nomads in style after the restrictions.

What a fantastic way to show the community of Sale that we are here to stay. The talent of our minis is the future everyone will get to see entertaining them for years to come.

Well done to all the cast and crew. We can’t wait to see what show you smash next year.


Past Productions:





Kay Valentine our Murdoch. Mental just mental.

Adam Garnett our Face. The young, enthusiast and charmer.

Sandie Cowle our Hannibal. The brains, the plan maker and the one who always brings the plans together.

Ian Moore our B A Baracas. The cool, calm and collected dude as long as you don’t put him on a plane.