After years of loafing idly around in the northern wastelands, Dick Whittington finally decides, with a little spurring on from his best pal Blaze, to broaden his horizons and seek his fortune in London. To his initial disappointment, he finds that the streets of London aren’t paved with gold and, furthermore, southerners don’t put gravy on their chips.

However, Dick soon finds himself with not only a new feline friend, but the possibility of finding his first ever girlfriend by attracting the attention of the Lord Mayor’s very capable daughter, Alice Fitzwarren.

However, after this encouraging start to his London adventure, Dick then catches the more unwanted attention of the dreaded Mr Drat – The Demon Rat, a thoroughly unpleasant rival to Alderman Fitzwarren in the upcoming election for a new Lord Mayor. A series of unfortunate events lead to a disgraced Dick and his pals undertaking a dangerous voyage across the Seven Seas, during which they encounter all manner of extraordinary and menacing characters.

Will Dick eventually prove his worth and find fortune, fame and, more importantly, love in the greatest city in the world? Will the evil Mr Drat and his conspirators be defeated?……all will be revealed in January 2024.

the fantastic

Production Team & Cast

Directors – Ross Douglas & Jenny Hollinshead

Company Choreographer – Diane Douglas

Dancers Choreographer – Hollie Martin

Little Dancers Choreographer – Karen Carr

Lighting Designer – Jeff Harpin

Lighting Operators – William Moore & Joshua Moreton

Sound Designer & Operator – 

Wardrobe – Jenny Hollinshead

Make Up & Wigs – Trish, Judy & team

Stage Manager –


Dick Whittington – Jess Dyer

Alice Fitzwarren – Hannah Kitching

Duck the Cat – Megan Douglas

Alderman Fitzwarren – Sean Botham

Gertrude – Stuart Sephton

Bert – Kate Collins

Ernie – Grainne Wiggan

Mr Drat, The Demon Rat – Howard Anson

Captain Parrat – Joe Cramsie

Ben – Ian Moore

Geri – Karen Garrattley

Capn Johnny Kidd – Joel Soutar

Crutch – Jan Taylor

Annbonee – Jeanette Coakley

Blaze The Dog – Nichola Taylor

Coral The Mermaid – Izzy Stuart-Cole

The Beau Bells – Alyssa Cooper & Sandie Cowle

First Mate – Dave Moreton

Town Crier – Ellie Cooper

Civil Servant – Alex Hall

Citizens & Shopkeepers –

Chorus – Holly Alborz
Chorus – Josh Bambrick
Chorus – Emma Birch
Chorus – Jeanette Coakley
Chorus – Alison Dyer
Chorus – Laura Fantozzi
Chorus – Stuart Harding
Chorus – Sue Harris
Chorus – Louise Moreton
Chorus – Ayrina Sokizko
Dancer – Hannah Birch
Dancer – Lauren Cowle
Dancer – Millie Hardman
Dancer – Emilia Harris
Dancer – Izzy Stuart-Cole
Dancer – Nichola Taylor

Little Dancer – Elin Breen

Little Dancer – Evie Ferster

Little Dancer – Jemima Harris

Little Dancer – Elin Hayward

Little Dancer – Frankie Holmes

Little Dancer – Frankie Reilly

Little Dancer – Lyra Yates

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Original Script By

Terry Hollinshead

Adapted By

Ross Douglas & Jenny Hollinshead

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