A World Premiere!

The town of LeVache has a really BIG problem – a giant lives above them. What’s more it’s the spring festival and there’s only one cook – the Widow Trot –  with the assets to make all the buns sticky.

Will her son Jack finally prove himself? Will the independent Jill lead the way? Will Fairy Annie show us her garden? Will Bogey and Flickit stop picking their noses? Or will everything be ruined by Fleshcreep, the slimiest villain of all?

If only they had a beloved cow who can dance and save the day…

the fantastic

Production Team & Cast

Director – Dave Moreton

Musical Directors – Louise Moreton

Company Choreographer – Laura Floyd

Dancers Choreographer – Liv Stuart-Cole

Little Dancers Choreographer – Karen Carr

Written by – Richard Ross & Dave Moreton

Producer – Neil McDonald

Sound Designer & Operator –

Wardrobe – Jenny Hollinshead

Make Up & Wigs – Trish, Judy & team

Stage Manager – Neil McDonald



Jack – Hannah Kitching

Jill – Megan Douglas

Widow Trot – Ross Douglas

Fleshcreep – Jon Gardner

Bogey & Flickit – Adam Garnett & Kay Valentine

Mayor Dicky Schmeller – Stuart Harding

Town Crier – Jess Dyer

Fairy Annie – Kate Collins

Dancer – Emilia Harris
Dancer – Grace Walsh
Dancer – Izzy Stuart-Cole
Dancer – Lauren Cowle
Dancer – Lucy Carr
Dancer – Millie Hardman
Dancer – Nichola Taylor

Announcer – Sean Botham

Giant – Matt Spilsbury

Harp – Megan Ashbrook

Daisy – Ellie Cooper & Emily Wiggan

Ensemble – Ade Godding
Ensemble – Alice Kennedy
Ensemble – Alison Dyer
Ensemble – Alyssa Cooper
Ensemble – Diane Douglas
Ensemble – Hollie Martin
Ensemble – Ian Moore
Ensemble – Jan Taylor
Ensemble – Jeanette Coakley
Ensemble – Jenny Wallace
Ensemble – Sandie Cowle
Ensemble – Sarah Reilly
Ensemble – Sue Harris
Ensemble – Vicky Bourne

Script By

Richard Ross & Dave Moreton