The team reunite to continue the previously untold, and surprisingly bawdy, tale of Cinders & her Fella.


Life has been blissful for Prince Charming & Cinders since we last met them in 2019.

Five strapping sons, the adoption of an adorable family pet, their lives seem content and complete.

And yet, in a dark corner of the stratosphere, a malevolent and lustful force has turned it’s attention their way, there may be trouble ahead…


The proceeds of this adult panto are for the benefit of Maggie’s Manchester, which is the chosen charity of our President, Diane Douglas.

This pantomime is of an adult nature and is unsuitable for under 18’s.

the deranged

Production Team & Cast

Director – Ross Douglas

Choreographer – Megan Douglas

Stage Management and ‘Signage’ – Neil McDonald

Lighting – John Cooper



Narrator (Wilma Titsfit) – Anna Simmons

Cinderella – Megan Douglas

Prince Charming – Laura Floyd

Dildando – Jenny Hollinshead

Betty Swollocks – Bill Jellyman

Kingy/Major Tom – Dave Moreton

Queenie – Chris Hutson

Fairy Snogbotti – Diane Douglas

Count Down (Evil Space Lord of Omicronia) – Grainne Wiggan 

Madame Veronica Vulvarine (Countess Down) – Sandie Cowle

The Royal Princes & The Alien Princesses –

Steve Morley, Howard Anson, Stuart Harding, Joe Cramsie, Adam Garnett

Humpty (Purple Monster) & Purplonica – Ian Moore

CD-DVD-BO (The Heanchbot) – Alison Dyer

Dr. Carol Shitman – Sue Harris

Written By

Ross Douglas